Custom tied flies

Tied by Rohan

Welcome to ROHANFISH flies

Feel free to browse through the wide variety of fly selections offered to you to enjoy and have good success with. Our flies have been tested and proven over the last 20 years. The flies are all developed and hand-tied by Rohan. Through hours and hours of studying the entomology, and fish behavior to the different hatches, Rohan has developed and tied a good variety of flies that has proven to be successful.

I hope our flies will offer you much enjoyment and great success. They will surely help you catch more fish more often

A  selection of choice flies is now available to you to order from Rohan’s vice.

Prices are included with each fly selection.

Enjoy the eye festival on ROHANFISH flies!


May Fly Patterns

Dry Fly Selection


Largemouth Yellow fish Flies

Damsel and Dragon fly Flies